Framus - Built In The Heart Of Bavaria (Book) English

Framus - Built In The Heart Of Bavaria (Book) English
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Book - Framus Built In The Heart Of Bavaria

Book - English

Furnished up with numerous pictures and photos, this book is not only describing the life’s work of Fred Wilfer, the father of Warwick founder Hans-Peter Wilfer, but also documenting a piece of German economic history. Within two-and-a-half year’s work of investigation, the author of this book, Dr. Christian Hoyer, and the Framus vintage expert Volkmar Rudolph have put together photos, stories and anecdotes, in order to consistently present the history of the once biggest European manufacturer of music instruments from 1946 to 1977.

hardcover edition, 292 pages
available in German and English
fabric binding with golden imprinting and protective cover
released in the Framus Edition publishing
ISBN 978-3-940448-01-9
 publication date: 07/24/2007